Board of DirectorsBOARD OF DIRECTORS

President:  Martin Klahm
Vice President:  Annette Dixon
Treasurer:  Earnie Larkin
Recording Secretary:  Rebecca Holmes
Corresponding Secretary: Christy Baumhardt
At-Large:  Johnny Clement
At-Large:  Jeff Holmes
At-Large:  Scott MacLeod
At-Large:  Tom Moran
At-Large:  Kara Roth
Rector Selection - Women:  Allison Parsons
Rector Selection - Men: Chad Parsons
Leaders Committee:  Billy Chadwell & Stacie Adams
Pre-Weekend Committee:  Caton & Kayla Morris
Weekend Committee:  Jim & Julie Thomas
Palanca Committee:  Mike & Stacy Rushing
Fourth Day Committee:  Allen & Janis Moore
Spiritual Director:  Eddie Dixon
Tech/AV Committee:  Scott Stewart
Webmaster:  Chris Quick
Past President:  Jeff Holmes